Leave only Footprints

Take lots of pictures! But please leave only footprints…

It's really not possible to take the very large numbers of visitors that any UK National Park receives without some impact on the environment. But because the UK National Parks are living, working landscapes, the tourism industry is an important part of the system that supports that landscape.

There are things which you can do during your visit to the National Park to try and reduce your impact:


Pembrokeshire is served by train lines to Fishguard, Haverfordwest and Pembroke Dock. Some accommodation providers will arrange to pick you up from the station and deliver you to your final destination. Once here there are good coastal buses and you may find that a few days without the car actually helps your relaxation.
So, have a car free day while you are here - hire a bike or go for a local walk – especially at busy times – get a bit fitter and help save the planet in one go!

Boat Trips

One of the best ways to see the National Park is from the sea. If you are booking a boat trip check that the operator is a member of the Pembrokeshire Marine Code Group (they should have a certificate and use the logo). This means that their skippers and crew have had training in how to operate without disturbing birds, seals or porpoises.

Outdoor Activities
If you fancy going kayaking, surfing or coasteering with an organised provider (for coasteering especially we really advise that you do use a local guide) then again make sure they are members of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group. Their instructors commit themselves to managing groups in the countryside in a way which reduces disturbance and impacts on habitats and species, helping to make exciting activities sustainable.

Of course you won’t drop any litter because you realise that it really spoils other peoples’ enjoyment. But maybe this year you could go a bit further! If you see a bit of litter blowing around the Coast Path why not pick it up and take it away – if it spoils your visit it may spoil the next person’s experience. If you don’t deal with it, who will?

We try to be pretty dog friendly in Pembrokeshire and know that many people holiday in the UK because they can take their pet with them, but every year we get complaints from people who have had their experience spoiled…

  • By loose and uncontrolled dogs, usually on beaches or chasing stock on farmland
  • By dog mess that has not been cleared up and removed – this is often on beaches where children play
  • By dog fouling that has been picked up, bagged and then is dumped; this is really unfair on the staff and volunteers who have to clean sites

Please make every effort to keep your dog under close control, to clean up after him/her and to appreciate that, although you may love your dog, others may find him scary. Lots of useful advice can be found on the Visit Pembrokeshire site.